Adhesive Tape and shipping labelsAt National Packaging Supplies we stock a large range of adhesive tapes to cover a wide range of applications at the cheapest prices in Ireland.Our best seller is Advantage PP hand applied adhesive packing tape. Costing 55 cent a roll and available in clear and brown, this tape is suitable for light to medium duty in busy packing departments.For situations where noise is an issue, we also stock Vibac low noise hand applied adhesive packing tape in clear and brown.Printed adhesive packing tapes are supplied from stock with the following standard messages printed in red lettering on a white background: Fragile, Glass with Care, Handle With Care, Caution, QC Inspected, Security Contents Checked.In addition we stock Polypropylene machine applied packing tape, masking tape, double sided tape, office tape, hazard warning tape, coloured tape, cross weave tape, adhesive transfer tape and book binding tape.A range of shipping labels at competitive prices is also available to ensure the correct handling and care information and instructions are available to carriers and customers. Click here for detailsChoose from the subcategories above for more information and prices.