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Holdfast Duct Tape/Cloth Tape

The economical choice for sealing, holding and marking

This top quality branded silver or black Holdfast duct tape is an essential component of any well-stocked tool box. It’s a waterproof cloth tape, ideal for any number of industrial and domestic applications, including duct work, general repairs, reinforcement and export packaging. With a silver or black polyethylene backing on a cloth scrim, it resists moisture and gives reliable tape performance in moist and humid conditions.

It tears easily off the roll by hand, making it easy to apply, and sticks readily to metal, glass, plastic, concrete and other surfaces in non-critical conditions.

Did you know? Duct tape played a crucial role in saving the astronauts on board the stricken Apollo 13 spacecraft. It was used to adapt square carbon dioxide filters from the damaged command module to fit round receptacles on the lunar module, which was going to be used as a lifeboat on landing.

Strong waterproof duct tape
Black or silver 50mm and 75mm rolls
Surface readily accepts writing with markers for temporary
Tape tears easily by hand from the roll