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Gummed Paper TapeWhy are so many companies changing to Gummed Paper Tape?Gummed paper tape is growing in popularity because it provides a strong tamper evident seal and is 100% recyclable. With a water activated adhesive which penetrates deep into the fibres of the carton to create a total bond, gummed tape becomes an integral part of the box, sealing it securely and.adding considerable strength to the closure.Gummed paper tape makes your box tamper proof. Unlike polypropylene packing tape which only offers surface adhesion, this tape goes beyond a top surface bond and cannot be removed without leaving traces of damage.Gummed paper tape is also highly resistant to climatic variations, making it an ideal carton sealing tape for cold storage, exporting and long term warehousing. The characteristics remain constant in extreme cold, heat and humidity and it retains its sealing properties better over time than many other packaging tapes.Finally, gummed paper tape is environmentally friendly as it is made from renewable natural resources and can be recycled. Choose gummed paper tape for a greener, high security, low cost tape option.