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Smoothwall Foil Trays

Smoothwall foil trays, also known as aluminium trays, are a truly versatile product. Suitable for use in the oven, microwave and freezer, they will not absorb grease or moisture. Providing a high-quality product presentation base, their smooth rim means that they are heat sealable and you can overwrap with tinfoil and clingfilm. Ideal for ready meals, lasagnes, casseroles, finger food and roasting meats or vegetables.

These trays can be lidded with leak proof film using rotary or multiple-head high speed automatic sealing machines. They protect UV sensitive products when suitably lidded with an opaque film or heat-sealed foil lid. The robust construction can be used with a minimal watchstrap sleeve or label instead of an outer carton which reduces total pack cost. The entire range is suitable for grilling, or oven baking and performs well over all high and low temperatures encountered in a
food-processing factory.

Typical Applications
Ready to cook meat, poultry or fish
Prepared meals, ready meals and breaded products
Meat joints or similar, suitable for roasting
Summer eating and barbecue food
Whole chickens and turkey crowns
Chilled vegetables and potato products
Individual portion, or family size dairy desserts such as
Crème Brulee, Crème Caramel, Clafoutis and Crème
Chocolate, which will be served hot