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Colompac CP 020 Mailers for Books, DVD’s, CD’s, Pictures, Gifts etc.

If you had to choose just one cardboard book box to satisfy most of your mail order packaging needs, this high quality, Colompac branded book mailer would be the one! Used extensively throughout Europe by major book distributors, fulfillment houses and e-commerce operators for the mailing of millions of books, catalogues gifts, pictures, textiles, CD’s, DVD’s and other flat products.

With its classic wraparound design and extended reinforced edge and corner protection on all sides, you can be sure your contents will arrive in perfect condition. Available in 5 different sizes and with a variable pack depth up to 80mm, one book box can be adjusted to the height of many products. One of the most use-friendly book packaging mailers on the market. Simply place your product in the pack, fold over the internal flaps, close the outer pack and secure with the strong self-sealing strip. No tape, additional wrapping or packaging needed!