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Metallic Blue Mail Order Dispatch Bags

High strength & lightweight blue mail order bags

These despatch bags have an attractive blue metallic finish and are weatherproof, burst proof, and tear and puncture resistant. They offer a versatile and lightweight
solution for mail order companies posting catalogue products, gifts, textiles and clothing. Manufactured from tough 50-60 micron polythene, with a side weld giving them even greater resilient strength. Made from 100% polythene, they are also environmentally friendly as they are 100% recyclable.

Strong permanent self-seal closure makes sealing quick and easy
Weatherproof, burstproof, tear and puncture resistant
Attractive opaque metallic finish polythene to aid presentation
Easy to write on surface accepts handwriting, stamps, labels and franking
Lightweight design saves on postage costs
Strong side weld for increased bag strength