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Single Faced Corrugated Rolls.

These rolls are available in a number of different widths while the length of each is approximately 75 meters. The rolls are comprised of single face 75gsm paper with corrugated flutes on one side and a smooth surface on the other side. This grants an impressive level of protective padding and impact cushioning while keeping the product as slim as possible, fitting closely around the item being packaged to conserve space and in turn, postal costs. That said, the corrugated fluting is around 5mm high, providing strong shock absorption in spite of the lightweight and low cost nature of this packaging solution.

What is a cardboard roll used for?

A versatile roll of corrugated cardboard boasts an array of diverse uses but is broadly designed to reduce initial packaging by reinforcing vulnerable areas such as corners or edges. It can also be used as a sustainable alternative to bubble wrap, particularly when bought in larger widths. Glass goods, ceramic plates, mugs or picture frames can all be reliably protected with this durable yet lightweight corrugated paper. It can be cut or torn from the roll for a simple, intuitive application. The flexibility of a single face corrugation allows it to wrap easily around even awkwardly shaped items or elements such as handles.

Are corrugated paper rolls environmentally friendly?

Manufactured as an eco-friendly paper wrap option with greater strength than non-corrugated solutions, these rolls effortlessly combine practicality with sustainability. They are made from 100% recycled materials and are able to recycled again after use. This makes the entire lifespan of this product circular, conserving our natural resources and protecting our planet. For modern, climate-conscious businesses wanting to express their social responsibility with plastic-free packaging, this bubble wrap alternative is a perfect choice.