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Steel Strapping & Seals

Steel strapping is one of the strongest of all strapping materials and is used when high tensile strength and low elongation is essential. Widely used in transport and heavy industry for banding steel, bricks and concrete or for bundling pipes and tubes. Our steel strap is cold rolled and painted black for added rust prevention with sheared and dressed edges for safety. Polypropylene strapping is a modern alternatives, but in many applications steel banding is still the only option, particularly where loads have sharp edges and are subject to high temperatures. Ribbon Wound steel strapping coils contain less metal strap than oscillation wound and are therefore lighter, easier to handle and suited to low volume use. Oscillated Steel Strapping (also known as Mill Wound) is supplied on larger coils and is the preferred choice for heavy duty strapping, pallet banding, export packing and bundling heavy industrial loads. Also in this section you’ll find super value metal strapping equipment and seals.