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Steel Strapping Combination Tool

Tension and strap steel strapping
with one easy to use tool

This easy to use
combination tool for steel strapping tensions and seals with one tool and uses
standard metal seals. This steel combination tool saves valuable time, compared
with separate strapping tools, and is used horizontally to seal cases, crates and
pallets. Simply place on top of the pallet or carton and feed through the steel
strapping. Combination tool tensions to the required level, crimps the steel
strapping and applies the metal seal for a strong finish to secure your load.

This standard steel strapping combi tool is available in two sizes, for
strapping widths from 13mm to 16mm, and 19mm and uses standard steel seals of
the same width. This combination tool is ideal for strapping cases, crates,
flat packs and pallets. In summary;Single combination tool tensions and
seals steel strapping quicklyIdeal for use with ribbon wound steel
strappingCombination tools are ideal for
strapping cases, crates and pallets quicklyTwo models available for strapping
widths up to 16mm and 19mmFlat based strapping tool sits
comfortably on top of your crate or pallet