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Cushion Pack Cardboard Packaging Machines

Stop spending money on void fill and packaging materials and use your unwanted cardboard to protect your products, reduce your costs, and reduce your eco footprint.

Cushion Pack are the industry leaders in cardboard shredding machinery with over 20 years of manufacturing experience. Cushion pack shredders turn unwanted cardboard boxes into soft, pliable packaging material that is perfect as a bubble wrap substitute and for void fill. Cushion Pack shredders have many advantages including easy maintenance, a built-in dust extraction assembly, robust cutting cylinders, and simple controls.

These machines can be strategically placed at the point of packing and waste cardboard can be converted as needed into soft cushioning material and void fill. With throughputs from 2m3/hr up to 10m3/hr there is a range of models suitable for packing applications from low volume to high volume.

All machines produce two products by the appropriate position of a spring loaded flap at the discharge side of the machine. The products are:

“crumpled void fill” for filling in the voids between packed goods;
or a “flat flexible net” that can be used to separate flat objects.

Some units feature a dust extraction assembly that can be connected to stand alone dust collection units.