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Open Fronted Plastic Storage Bins – StackableNational Packaging Supplies stocks a range of high quality open fronted plastic storage bins in 5 different sizes.Our plastic bins can be placed on shelving or in cabinets and are safely stackable on each other.Alternatively, they can be wall hung using our unique low cost wall hanging metal rail. These metal rails come in lengths of 590mm and have protruding lugs which integrate with the plastic bins to prevent inadvertant detachment. These metal rails are significantly cheaper than louvre panels and are suitable for bin sizes up to and including size 3.. Manufactured in Germany, our plastic bins have been certified by TUV, an indepenent certification organisation which is highly respected in Europe.Certification covered the following 5 parameters.Security of suspensionMechanical strengthResistance to changes in temperatureStacking stabilityImpact resistance