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Tenvowrap Book Wraps

Available in 3 sizes

When you’re sending orders of books through the post or by courier, there are a range of packaging options that you can consider. Plastic mail bags may be appropriate, but they might not offer enough protection; small cardboard boxes could work, but they are a little more protection than is necessary and take more packing time. A fast packing option, book wrap mailers are designed to offer optimal protection for books while they are in transit, as well as being lightweight, so they won’t add additional cost to your shipping bill. They really are the best solution for many items, since they offer the strength of corrugated cardboard, at a lower cost.

The book wrap mailer is a solution that was developed to help eCommerce businesses to dispatch items like books, DVDs, and CDs to customers much more quickly, and today businesses choose them as their packaging solution for many more items too. As a cost-effective packaging solution, they are also incredibly easy to use – when the book is placed on the wrap, the protective ends are simply folded in, then the outer layer is wrapped around the book and the peel and seal self-adhesive strip is applied. Upon receipt, customers simply pull the quick release tab to open the package.

As you’d expect, our book wraps are made from 100% recycled materials, and are both recyclable and biodegradable when the glue strip has been removed. They use fewer materials than other types of packaging, making them a better option for the planet too.