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Antistatic Pink Bubble Wrap

Transporting delicate electrical components has always required a little extra care, because the build-up of static can cause damage, but we have the solution for you. Our antistatic bubble wrap is ideal for electrical applications because it offers all the protection you could possibly need.

Our antistatic bubble wrap supplies can be delivered quickly, so if you’re concerned about the protective qualities of your current packaging this is the product for you. Thanks to the excellence of our anti-static bubble wrap roll, damage from a build-up of static electricity can become a thing of the past.

Antistatic bubble wrap rolls are made from small bubbles (diameter of 10mm and a height of 4mm), and are pink in colour.

Our pink bubble wrap has antistatic properties, which stops the production of electrostatic charges in handling and prevents static electricity discharging to your goods. This makes it ideal for protecting products sensitive to static electricity, such as delicate electronic components.