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Speedman Paper Void Fill

Provides 1.5 cubic meters of void fill – equivalent to 3 bags of chips

This manual, protective paper voidfill system is ideal for low volume users or customers looking for a ‘starter solution’ for their protective packaging requirements. The paper itself is an environmentally friendly 70gsm paper. For ease of use the paper roll is supplied in a handy dispenser box. The box has a tear off panel on the front, when this is removed the paper is simply pulled, quickly and smoothly out of the box. Pull out the required amount of paper, tear off and you instantly have a good quality, protective packing paper to pack around your product.

Our paper dispenser box solution is favoured by a wide variety of companies where picking, packing and despatching are a critical part of the business operations. Ecommerce businesses mailing houses, contract packing companies and fulfilment houses all benefit from this low cost and simple solution.

Paper voidfill and protection is an increasingly popular method of protecting goods prior to despatch. The key advantages of this protective packaging are its compact size – it won’t take up valuable space. The overall outer dimensions of the box are 400 x 290 x 295mm. It is lightweight and easy to handle so can literally be carried anywhere that packing is taking place in your warehouse and despatch environments.

Activa Paper Void Fill

Same as above but in a smaller roll. Provides just less that 1m cubed of void fill – equivalent to 1.7 large bags of packing chips.