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Composite Polyester Strapping

Lighter and cheaper than steel strapping, but just as strong!

Composite polyester strap offers a number of advantages over traditional steel strapping. First, it’s cheaper and six times lighter. And because it’s made out of polyester it’s chemical and weather resistant, and it won’t rust or rot. Plus, it has a high level of retained tension without elongation, and it won’t lose its tension should the load shrink. If you do need to re-tension it, well, that’s easily done as well. It’s also shock absorbent, and because there are no sharp edges or whiplash hazard, it’s safer too. And after all that, the fact that polyester strapping can provide the same performance as steel is just the icing on the cake!

Lighter and cheaper than steel strapping!
Safe for users & receivers
Cost effective
Does not damage your products
Shock absorbent
High retained tension
Chemical resistant
Will not rust or rot
Weather resistant

Use galvanised steel buckles with Composite Polyester strapping