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VoidStar – Environmentally Friendly Void Fill

The new Pacplus VSTR60 Voidstar Paper Void Fill System is ruggedly constructed and a cost effective way of creating on-demand, impact-absorbing void fill from an enviromentally friendly paper product with low pre-use storage requirements.Positioned on a bench or permanently wall mounted, it is an ideal solution for the kind of low-to-medium void fill production typically used by online mail order traders.
When wall mounted the Pacplus VSTR60 Voidstar occupies a minimal footprint in your packaging and despatch operation.
Affixed to your work bench, the Pacplus VSTR60 Voidstar is the ideal means of creating impact-absorbing paper void fill.
Pacplus VSP60 Void Fill Paper has been specially sourced for its suitability for use with the VSTR60 Voidstar and its excellent void fill properties