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Circle labels

Our general purpose clear gloss polypropylene paper labels are supplied on a roll and available in two sizes. They employ a permanent acrylic adhesive that provides high tack and adhesion on a wide variety of surfaces. More commonly known as transparent stickers, the clear labels use a thinner layer of polypropylene than most varieties, offering environmental benefits.

Popular within industries such as arts and crafts, e-commerce, bakeries & cake makers, and mailing houses, these labels are commonly used for sealing items such as postal boxes, flyers and tissue paper when consumers require something more presentable than tape. They are also ideal for general use in offices, schools and homes.

The labels contain a print-receptive topcoat, enabling personalisation with any chosen design. They are ideal for use within printers that have a resin ribbon, making them the perfect solution for when businesses want to increase brand awareness and visibility.