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Air Cushion Systems

Innovative protective solutions that take up less storage space and saves money!

When you’re short on storage space, keeping bundles of bubble wrap or bags of polystyrene loose-fill packaging may not always be the most practical solution. After all, most of what you’re storing is actually air. How much more convenient would it be to inflate the air at the time you actually need it? Air cushion machines do just that. With the help of a simple machine and some flat polythene film, you can create the protective packaging you need when you need it.

Air cushion packaging for cost-effectiveness

Air cushion packaging doesn’t just take up less space; it can also save you quite a lot of money. Our tests show that if you use ten bags of packing peanuts a month, you could save over €1000 in the first two years by changing the way you do your packing with air pillow packaging.

With its lightweight design, it helps reduce shipping costs by minimising the overall package weight. Additionally, our air cushion machines allow you to produce air pillows on demand, eliminating the need for pre-made packaging materials that can accrue in cost.

Save space using air cushion machines

Our air pillow packaging features a space-saving design that minimises storage and shipping costs. The air pillows are lightweight and can be easily stored and transported in bulk. They can be inflated on-site with our air cushion machines, saving valuable space in your warehouse or fulfilment centre. With our air pillow packaging, you can maximise shipping efficiency while ensuring excellent protection for your products.

Maximise efficiency with air pillow packaging

The air cushion packaging solutions available at National Packaging Supplies offer unparalleled efficiency and versatility for your packaging needs. With our air cushion machines, you can quickly produce air pillows on-demand, reducing packaging time and increasing productivity. This way, you can save valuable time packaging and keep productivity to a maximum within your business.