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Foam Rolls – Astro Foam by Jiffy

A foam roll provides tough, light and compact packaging protection. Foam packaging is made from millions of tiny air filled cells. Lightweight foam is easy to fold and available in a variety of thicknesses. Moisture resistant and non-abrasive, foam is the ideal solution for panel and surface protection or interleaving. Foam rolls are easy to dispense and cut to the required length for minimal waste.

Low density, micro-cellular, closed-cell polyethylene foam
Uniform cushioning for 100% protection
Moisture resistant and non-abrasive
Lightweight and easy to handle
Available in a variety of lengths and thicknesses
Environmentally responsible – Astro Foam is CFC-free and chemically inert
Available on a roll slit, perforated or sheeted
Absorbs knocks and prevents scuffs
Ideal solution for all surface protection requirements
Closed cell construction offers superb insulation properties
Unlike other cushioning products, Astro Foam retains its shape to offer repeat protection even around corners
Astro Foam is much thinner than other primary wrapping products such as bubble or corrugated paper so less space is required for usage and storage
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