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Woven Polypropylene White SacksStrong,
durable and reusable woven polypropylene sacks are ideal for almost any
packaging requirement.

and breathable, woven polypropylene sacks are a packaging solution made from
plastic polypropylene fabric. Its woven construction makes the bag strong, tear
resistant and allows air to circulate within the bag whilst also being
waterproof. These characteristics make it ideal for almost any application but
they are particularly suited to agricultural, farming, building and
construction materials.

The woven
nature of white hessian also makes the bag flexible, so it can accommodate
large amounts of heavy or sharp items without the bag being ripped or torn. It
also provides the added benefit of being reusable and easily recyclable. This
type of packaging is hard wearing and economical, especially for bulk
quantities, which makes it ideal if you require a low cost solution.

The types of
uses include; seed bags, mail bags, waste paper sacks, waste bags, bags for
nuts and bolts, refuse bags and sacks for aggregates and construction

of pp sack sizes available online·
duty fabric is tear and rip resistant·
sizes manufactured from 800 denier fabric·
nature also makes sacks breathable·
sealed and secured with cable ties (not included)·
for a vast range of applications.